The Idea

The porthole board you see above is an example of the signal flag, Hotel, used for the letter “H”.

We thought it would be cool to combine the traditional cornhole game and update it by using a nautical theme, specifically for beach-goers to use to bond with family and friends and help them enjoy their visits to the beach.

Pick a flag (the boards come in pairs, so one flag per set) and stake out your spot on the beach. They’re made of a light, but durable PVC-type plastic (think restaurant “sandwich-style sidewalk signs). They hinge at the top, are lightweight and easy to carry, and come with a set of 4 red and 4 blue bean bags for pitching.

We leave it to your imagination to maximize the game by challenges, wagering, drinking (non-alcoholic beverages, of course) or however else you think you can amp up the game.